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About Us

DMPG’s team of industry experts can help your organisation to continually monitor and improve its digital performance


Steve Carrod
Steve CarrodHead of Analytics & CRO
Steve is a seasoned digital marketer and has been working in analytics, optimisation
and digital insights since 2005.
His experience has been gathered via a number of roles spanning agencies and client-direct prior to founding DMPG.

Steve’s main focus is on ensuring client satisfaction through the delivery of projects and services. DMPG doesn’t have a ‘Sales’ function but Steve is about as close as we’ll get to having one.

Tom Marianczak
Tom MarianczakHead of Technical Services
With his wealth of experience across technology and engineering, Tom spearheads our technical capabilities. Tom has been involved in web technology since 2003 and has specialised in digital analytics for most of that time.

Tom has worked with many of the leading digital analytics products so he knows how to adapt technology and overcome challenges to meet our clients’ needs.


Svenja Steward
Svenja StewardProject Support
Svenja has been working in the digital industry since 2010. Her experience has been gathered from varied roles across marketing, project management and consulting.

Svenja ensures the team make good on their promises and that they always follow their internal guidelines on projects.

Will Taplin
Will TaplinSenior Digital Analytics Consultant
Will is DMPG’s secret weapon in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and he’s pretty hot when it comes to digital analytics too.

Will is at the coal-face of client projects, ensuring that everything agreed within the plans (and often more) is delivered.

In addition to our core team, we have an extended network of industry experts who provide specialist expertise as required

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