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About Us

DMPG’s team of industry experts can help your organisation to continually monitor and improve its digital performance


Steve Carrod
Steve CarrodCo-Owner & Managing Director
Steve has been working in the Digital Analytics industry since 2005 and CRO/Personalisation since 2008. His experience has been gathered via a number of roles spanning agencies and client-direct both in the UK and in the US before establishing DMPG.

DMPG was set up to be the gold standard for Analytics, TMS, CRO & Personalisation services. Steve’s main focus is on providing strategic advice and guidance to clients and ensuring all projects are delivered to the highest level.

Tom Marianczak
Tom MarianczakCo-Owner & Head of Technical Services
With his wealth of experience across technology and engineering, Tom spearheads our technical capabilities. Tom has been involved in web technology since 2003 and has specialised in digital analytics for most of that time.

Tom has worked with many of the leading digital analytics products so he knows how to adapt technology and overcome challenges to meet our clients’ needs.

Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimisation & Personalisation Team

Analytics & CRO Consultants

Will Taplin
Will TaplinLead Digital Experience Enabler
Will is DMPG’s Google stack specialist with an incredible knowledge of Google Analytics and GTM, including the Google 360 suite. Will has now also become an expert in Adobe Analytics making him an incredibly valuable member of the team. Working directly with our Adobe & Google stack clients for several years he has gained a detailed knowledge of their business, platforms and requirements.

Will’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to his clients is unsurpassed and his continued desire to further his knowledge across the digital analytics industry is a testament to his dedication and work ethic.

Will’s native language is English however he also speaks Modern Standard Mandarin.

Patrick Retallick
Patrick RetallickLead Digital Experience Enabler
Patrick is an experienced digital analyst with an excellent knowledge of Adobe Analytics. Patrick has used this foundation in data to become an expert optimisation and personalisation analyst working closely with our Adobe Experience Cloud clients to understand their requirements, create CROP roadmaps and deliver effective and valuable solutions.

Patrick likes nothing more than to be knee-deep in data, pulling out in-depth insights from the wealth of data our clients collect. His ability to produce such insights is second-to-none and his demonstrable return on investment for our clients is unrivalled.

Joss Hickey
Joss HickeyLead Digital Experience Enabler
Joss joins DMPG as a Lead Digital Experience Enabler specialising in the Adobe stack with a wealth of experience in Analytics and Target.
Peter Gurr
Peter GurrSenior Digital Training Consultant & Digital Experience Enabler
Peter has over 15 years of e-commerce and digital analytics experience. He has spent the last 6 years focusing on Adobe and Google technologies such as Adobe Analytics, DTM, Target and Google Analytics.

As such Peter has a complete understanding of the digital maturity process a business must achieve to ensure continual growth. He heads up DMPG’s training and education services as a result.

Matt Grogan
Matt GroganLead Digital Experience Enabler
Matt brings with him a vast experience in the Adobe stack with a real expert knowledge of Analytics.
Nicholas Folarin-Coker
Nicholas Folarin-CokerEnablement Specialist
Nicholas found his feet at DMPG after recently graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. With a strong background in problem-solving, he’s been getting stuck in with data analytics and CRO using Google and Adobe tools.

Using the analytics skills he gained in his degree, Nicholas is helping the team pull more insights out of client data. From Adobe dashboards to CRO roadmaps, he’s continuously sharpening his digital skill set.

Vishnu Hirani
Vishnu HiraniSenior Enablement Specialist
Vish is a highly experienced professional with expert knowledge of Adobe Campaign, Adobe’s flagship campaign management tool which includes email, app notifications, SMS and direct mailing all wrapped up with a personalisation engine.

Vish’s knowledge once again expands DMPG’s capability to provide the right content to the right user on the right platform at the right time.

Catalina Stingaciu
Catalina StingaciuDigital Experience Enabler
Catalina is a highly competent and enthusiastic member of the team that focusses on Google Analytics and Optimize. Her ability to deliver quality work for her clients quickly is one of her main strengths.

Originally from Romania, Catalina is fluent in both Romanian and English

Technical Team

David Nwosu
David NwosuLead Analytics Developer
David is a highly capable tag management specialist with knowledge across the major tag management systems, complemented by an in-depth knowledge of Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and most of the major tag vendors.

David works across all of our clients implementing high quality, robust solutions to fulfil the business requirements identified by the rest of the team.

Stavros Ferkadis
Stavros FerkadisSenior CRO Engineer
Having worked on both client side and agency side, Stavros brings a wealth of CRO experience to the DMPG team. He has excellent CRO skills across Monetate, Google Optimize and, most notably, Adobe Target and is proficient in HTML, CSS, JS and many of the very latest frameworks that enable quick and robust CRO test development.

Born and bred in Greece, Stavros is fluent in both Greek and English.

Magda Kmita
Magda KmitaSenior CRO & Personalisation Engineer
Magda is a front-end developer who works with Adobe Target, Optimizely, Monetate and VWO. She creates A/B & MVT experiments, personalisation campaigns, recommendations and brings with her a wealth of technical knowledge across the board which our clients can benefit from.

Originally from Poland, Magda is bilingual in Polish and English.

Alex Peckham
Alex PeckhamData Collection Delivery Lead & Data Layer Architect
Alex joined DMPG in 2017 and quickly showed great aptitude for digital analytics and, in particular, data layer architecture. He now heads up our data layer architecture function designing and maintaining data layer architectures for many of our clients, including The Economist, Hive, Snapfish, Boden and others.

Alex has also gained an in depth knowledge of the leading analytics tools including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics but most notably he has been heavily involved with our Snowplow Analytics work which is often inextricably linked to the data layer.

Fernando Patini Szmyhiel
Fernando Patini SzmyhielAnalytics Implementation Engineer
Fernando is a seasoned technical pro with experience across Adobe, Google, Tealium and Oracle (BlueKai). His addition to the team expands our expert knowledge through to DMPs and CDPs.

Originally from Brazil, Fernando is fluent in both Brazilian Portuguese and English.

Support Team

Rene Nanos
Rene NanosRelationship & Project Manager
Rene manages relationships across DMPG both internally with our team and externally with clients and partners. He also takes a key role in managing projects to ensure they are delivered to spec and on time. With experience in several fields like business development, recruitment, customer service and account management, Rene has excellent communication skills and has proven himself as an enthusiastic member of the team.

In the future, he would love to continue to serve the customers and his colleagues in the best possible way but more importantly, continue having a healthy, positive attitude towards work and life.

Originally from Greece, Rene is bilingual in Greek and English.

Melanie Mann
Melanie MannEnablement QA
Melanie heads up our QA efforts at DMPG. With a wealth of experience in QA for big brands, she brings a methodical strategy to ensure everything that DMPG delivers is fit for purpose. Her attention to detail is already legendary within the company and her commitment to QA within the company is incredible.

Melanie is fluent in English and Native Mandarin.

In addition to our core team, we have an extended network of industry experts who provide specialist expertise as required

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