Supercharge your dashboards with the
Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG

Our connector streamlines the integration of Adobe Analytics data via these 3 steps:

DMPG Dashboard

Automate and schedule the refresh of complex data feeds

Our infrastructure handles all interaction with the Adobe API

Establish a cloud based digital data repository to drive your analysis.

This environment can be managed by us or you, or substituted with extracts

Fuel your dashboards with analysis-ready Adobe data.

DMPG can assist you with the build of dashboards or you can develop these yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need the Aodobe Analytics Connector from DMPG?

Our experience with organisations using Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) has shown that there is often a challenge to extract a rich dataset in order to analyse and share across the organisation. Having managed many implementations of Adobe Analytics, DMPG understand the data structures and can translate your specific requirements into a configuration of our Adobe Analytics Connector to simplify your project. Some of our deployments require several hundred API calls and the resulting data to be joined back to form a single, powerful, business focussed dataset that is “analysis ready”.

2. How does the Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG work?

The Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG makes use of the APIs provided by Adobe in order to request the specific data elements required for your project. Our infrastructure handles all of the interaction with the APIs before pushing your “analysis ready” data to the location of our choice which could be a cloud based repository (e.g. Redshift, MySQL, Azure SQL Server, Google BigQuery) or if easier you can receive scheduled flat file extracts to your FTP.

3. Is the Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG a self-serve product?

No, the connector is a productised service offering from DMPG that enables a bespoke deployment
based on your organisation’s specific needs. Adobe Analytics implementations vary considerably so our experience tells us that attempting to anticipate everybody’s needs within a product results in compromise.

The Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG offers the best of both worlds by utilising the pre-built commonly used robust elements and combining them with a client specific configuration to enable the extraction of what you actually require in the most efficient manner.

4. How do I build a dashboard with my “analysis ready” Adobe Analytics data?

Once your data is being collected and stored in your private Digital Data Repository, you can connect to it as a source using all leading BI and reporting tools including Tableau, Qlikviewand even Excel if necessary. DMPG can assist with the build of your dashboards or your developers can easily build powerful dashboards by connecting direct to your cloud based Digital Data Repository.

5. How is the Adobe Analytics Connector from DMPG priced?

Just as we don’t offer a rigid product that may result in more or less capabilities than you require, likewise we do not have a rigid price list. We do however have a very simple pricing structure that consists of one-off configuration services and an ongoing monthly fee to keep the data flowing.

Our specialists would be happy to discuss your requirements and give you an expectation of pricing early on in the process.

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