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A/B and MVT projects tend to span several different departments within our clients’ businesses, so our services can cover part or all of the following:

We love running A/B and Multivariate (MVT) tests. There is no such thing as a bad test. Even if you test a hypothesis and it doesn’t perform positively then you’ve still succeeded in proving why something should not be altered. This is the true meaning of a ‘data-driven decision’.

A/B and MVT testing is one of our favourite activities – as it often is for our clients – and we also appreciate its true complexities. The more important tests (beyond just changing the colour of a button) tend to involve several areas of a business, ranging from user experience and front-end development through to marketing and finance.  In these cases, it is easy to justify the purpose of a test by using real data to show a real conversion issue that needs addressing.

Are you interested in learning more about A/B and MVT? Perhaps you are looking to set up or optimise an existing infrastructure? Get in touch with us today – we are always keen to find out how we can help and to share our experience, including insight we’ve gained from some of the more surprising tests we’ve run!

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