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Reporting & Dashboards

Data-driven decisions require data to be prepared and distributed ready for use.

Let us handle the heavy lifting and free your team up to start making better decisions.

We have developed a series of data connectors ready to start collecting and consolidating your digital data. Current connectors include:

A selection of scenarios of our Reporting & Dashboard engagements are:

Real-Time Data

A major broadcaster would like to present data out of their analytics system in real-time showing how content was trending, how global an article is and how effective content is globally.

Daily Sales Performance

A retailer needs to be able to show sales performance updated every day and show accrued sales for the month to date.  Coupled with an adjusted annual comparison it allows the business to understand how they are performing against target and adjust their digital marketing activity as required.

Campaign Performance

A major publisher would like to see their weekly performance broken down by day showing performance of marketing campaigns on customer engagement and influence on channel sales.

Customer Performance

A major ISP needs to be able to understand a detailed view of customer loyalty, churn and upsell by including data from multiple channels into a single source.

Social Media data consolidation

An organisation with several global brands needs to collate and report on social reach and engagement across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and needs to integrate this social data into their existing reporting tool.

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