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Five books every Digital Strategist (Enablement specialist) should have in their arsenal

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1. Behavioral Economics: The Basics Behavioral Economics challenges the central assumptions of neoclassical economics, by highlighting the fact that humans are not always acting towards the betterment [...]

Consumer Experience Has a New Look, Embracing It is Vital for 2021 Success

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In this article Steve Carrod has been invited to provide guest commentary to help businesses understand what some of the key considerations will be in 2021 regarding [...]

A customer relationship is not just for Christmas

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With shopping habits evolving years ahead of expectations and online sales surging by 129%, optimising digital operations is more crucial than ever. In fact, some estimates predict [...]

Develop Digital Customer Relationships, Not Single Purchases – Customer Experience Magazine

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While every business has data, not many are actively using to develop better relationships and trust with customers. We’ve taken a look at some simple and more [...]

Google Analytics 360 vs Adobe Analytics – Which one is right for you?

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I have been working with Adobe and Google technology since 2004. Since 2010 I  have been consulting with companies across most industries here in the UK but [...]