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Module : Adobe DTM – Being an Administrator


How to be an administrator for all aspects of managing tags using the Adobe DTM system

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m

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This module will cover all aspects of managing the Adobe DTM solution. Areas covered will include Adobe core code updates, tool deployment, overall design concepts and the Approval & Release process. The course will also cover roll-back scenarios and strategies.


  • A detailed understanding of the tasks that are required to administer Adobe DTM
  • A complete understanding of implementation tasks including environment switching for tags / linking Data Elements to the data layer etc.
  • A complete understanding of BAU tasks including User Administration / software updated for Adobe tools, Rule configuration / 3rd party tag deployment / release & roll back process
  • A detailed outline of the process required for the request / testing and release of tags via the DTM system

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m