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Module : Adobe Target – Implementation Planning


A complete Adobe Target implementation plan for your business

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m

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Based on the type of testing regime that your business wants to adopt and that will develop in the future will require different choices for Adobe Target implementation. This module will outline the different implementation choices plus the resources and time required to meet these choices.This module will also consider other factors, outside of Adobe Target, that might affect the success of your testing programme.


  • A detailed plan of all the steps that need to be put in place for a successful Adobe Target implementation (including integration with other Adobe products)
  • A clear outline of a testing process for your business
  • A plan for the different resources required for each stage of the project plus a view of the level of commitment needed from these resources
  • A plan for how to test that the implementation (and future development) is correct
  • An overview of the tasks that will be required in a BAU situation once the initial project is complete

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m